Welcome to the Clown Alley Orchids web site. Clown Alley Orchids is the Stubbings' family business started in 1996 near Chicago. We moved to Texas in 2004 and reopened Clown Alley September 16, 2005. 


We built a second greenhouse in 2007. This facility allows us to better serve you by having a much broader selection to choose from.

We also now have a true retail shop. We have one employee, Salvador Ortiz, Greenhouse Director, who loves the orchids and the customers.

John is the chief grower and hybridizer. He has been growing orchids for 33 years and concentrates his hybrid work in Cattleya, Phalaenopsis and Galeandra. We have resumed our breeding program in Texas and have many seedlings available for sale.

Sandy helps with sales, marketing, and bookkeeping.

Our son Chuck is the inspiration for the name of the business. He was a professional clown and circus performer (including a stint with Ringling Brothers) and an actor. He since has become a firefighter and paramedic. He moved to California where he now is a paramedic with the Huntington Beach fire department. His wife Kelly designed the logo used on the stationary and signage.

We attend many shows and fairs each year exhibiting and selling orchids suitable for the south. John also gives lectures or presentations throughout the country and the world to various orchid and botanical or garden groups. Click speaker to see details about the speaker. These talks are either about growing orchids more effectively or about a genera or group of orchid genera.

Clown Alley Orchids Mission Statement

1. To provide quality hybrid and species orchids to the hobbyist and retail florist.

2. To specialize in warm growing varieties with fragrance and/or long lasting flowers suitable for the south.

3. To emphasize easier to grow and bloom plants.

4. To develop from seed production, or purchase, new varieties and grow to blooming size for distribution.

5. To market the plants through shows, fairs, the retail store,speaking engagements, internet and mail order.
6. To provide outstanding service to customers

7. To support the business by contributing to the American Orchid Society through active participation in committee work and the judging system.

8. To support the business by contributing to the International Phalaenopsis Alliance through participation in IPA events.

9. To support the business by contributing to the Houston Orchid Society through active participation and as an officer.

10. To support the business by providing education to the public regarding orchids and their culture.

11. To compliment the orchid business by selling related gift and seasonal items.