Lecture Schedule

John gives lectures by invitation at many events.  YOU CAN ORDER PLANTS FOR US TO BRING TO AN EVENT NEAR YOU. WE GIVE A DISCOUNT OF 10% FOR THOSE PRE-ORDERS. Below is our schedule for 2015. (See "Lectures Available" for prepared lecture topics.

Lectures 2017

February 3         Brassoria County Master Gardeners

February 20       Galveston Bay Orchid Society Clear Lake, Texas

March 1             Alamo Orchid Society San Antonio, Texas

March 2             Houston Orchid Society Houston, Texas

March 5            Tip of Texas Orchid Society Weslaco, Texas

March 6              Fort Worth Orchid Society Fort Worth, Texas

March 7              Heart of Texas Orchid Society Austin, Texas

March 16             Thomas A. Glazier Senior Education Center, Houston, Texas